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World trade currently accounts for $40 trillion.  Estimates of countertrade in all its forms as a percentage of this, range from 10 to 30%, however there is a general consensus that the percentage is between 20 and 25% as a minimum.

With 10 trillion dollars in the form of countertrade and assuming an average transaction size of $10 million then this implies around a hundred thousand countertrade transactions per annum.  Clearly there is a strong requirement for specialist expertise in this area and we are able to supply it when required.  Give us a call if you feel we can assist in smoothing out the difficulties inherent in this form of trading.  The sheer magnitude of global countertrade means that this element is not going away and so it is incumbent on managements, companies and countries to get the best possible advice in this complex area.

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We act as brokers and assist clients to find suitable counter-parties as and when required.


We can advise either counter-party of the intricacies of countertrade throughout the negotiation process.